Vision starts in the eyes, but truly takes place in the brain.

Visual Diagnostics Reloaded

We provide support for fast and reliable diagnoses

State of the Art Viewer

Our Viewer system is fast and intuitive with all necessary tools for comfortable, day-to-day diagnostic routines.

Anatomy Viewer

The Anatomy viewer gives a quick and concise overview on an interactive, annotated reference model.

Case collections

Case collections of all relevant diseases give access to concise and complete diagnostic content. The cases are fully scrollable with highest quality.

Teaching Modules

Teaching Modules like the Atlas on Prostate MRI give an introduction into relevant fields of modern image diagnostics. Learn from the leading experts and refresh your knowledge.

imagine images

Research and radiologic know-how based on an image database
Image based support for an image based profession

Traditional books can teach the user the necessary theoretical knowledge to read and diagnose radiological imagery, but they can take you only so far. The PANTAVISION ATLAS series provides users with a thourougly selected collection of real patient cases to allow users a unique hands-on learning experience and to apply the skills in a real-life professional setting. The Case collections seek to provide radiologists with a complete reference system for all medical conditions with outstanding image quality. The first Case collection – NEURO – is available for beta users starting in October 2016. With the Anatomy module, PANTAVISION offers an interactive an easy to use anatomical reference system for a quick reassurance in anatomical details.

  • 1 Million Images and Image Stacks of relevant diseases

    Based on one of the largest medical imaging collections available today.

  • Highest Image Quality

    Image-Stacks with highest quality, Tesla 3 and 1,5 images.

  • Pi-Rads Classification

    Concise annotation and categorization according to the new Pi-Rads V2.

  • Intuitive Viewer Software

    An interactive PACS-like viewer just like the one you are used to, but faster and easier to use.

Case Collections For Imaging Diagnostics

Browse through recent updates and professional information for medical imaging professionals

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